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Good Samaritan Center Pet Fiesta

Talk About It

Celebrate the end of 2010 with your pets, family and friends at the Talk About It! Pet Fiesta on December 11th, at the Good Samaritan Center from 11am-3:00pm.

There will be great pet obedience and training demonstrations, impressive weight pulls, plus food, fun, & games galore! The entire family will enjoy this exciting event, including your pets as they are welcome to attend as long as they are leashed or in a crate.

Bully Breeds Need Love and River City Weight Pull Club will lead all of the fun and informative pet care activities. We hope to see everyone there to support Talk About It! and enjoy the last Pet Fiesta for this year!

Together San Antonio C.A.N. Talk About It! – Care. Adopt. Neuter.

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San Antonio Animal No Kill 3rd Quarter Stats

San Antonio Animal No KillThe San Antonio Area Foundation Animal No Kill Initiative is pleased to announce the Quarter 3, 2010 report of the goals and status of City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Strategic Plan. This report presents statistics related to the components of the No Kill Equation, developed by Nathan Winograd and the No Kill Advocacy Center.

This report shows statistics from Animal Care Services (ACS) for January through September 2010 across all components of the No Kill program. The statistics for Feral Cats and Spay/Neuter Surgeries are those reported by the high volume spay/neuter clinics in San Antonio. In addition, it reports the San Antonio Area Foundation grants awarded to nonprofit agencies for No Kill related projects and the gifts received into our Animal No Kill Fund through Q3 2010.

The report on the goals and status of City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Strategic Plan is distributed to the office of the Mayor, the office of each City Councilperson, the City Manager’s office, the Bexar County Commissioners Court Government Relations office, each member of the Animal Care Services Advisory Board, each member of the Animal No Kill Consortium of Partners, and each member of the San Antonio Area Foundation Animal Services Community Advisory Committee.

This document provides an update of the community-wide goals for the No Kill Equation and grants awarded from Area Foundation funds that help achieve the No Kill goal.

In the report, you will see that San Antonio has made good progress in the areas of Feral Cats, High-Volume Low Cost Spay/Neuter, and Volunteers. Although progress is being made in the areas of Live Release: Comprehensive Adoptions, Rescue Groups, and Pet Retention, we are under the goals that we need to meet to achieve No Kill in San Antonio by 2012.

The numeric and percent of intake goals in the 2010 Goal column for Rescue Groups, Comprehensive Adoption Programs, Pet Retention, and Compassionate Director are based on actual intake of animals at the Animal Care Services shelter. Numeric goals for Feral Cat TNR Program and High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter are based on the estimated number of sterilizations needed to achieve zero stray and free-roaming animal population growth.

We have put several dog and cat lifesaving programs into place:

Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare (AAPAW) are in their third year of holding Super Adoption events with ACS, San Antonio Humane Society, Animal Defense League of Texas, and many rescue groups. The first Super Adoption event was held in December 2007 with 101 animals adopted. In 2010 to date, AAPAW has held 12 adoption events with 679 dogs and cats adopted. Several adoption events are planned for the 4th quarter.

• Two nonprofit groups, ACS Lifesavers and Alamo Rescue Friends, organized the first animal transport event to occur in San Antonio. Nine dogs from ACS were transported to Vermont and New Hampshire where there is actually a shortage of shelter animals. Shelters in New England and some other parts of the country actually have waiting lists, so these dogs were sent knowing that there are people waiting to adopt them. A second transport was conducted in August, when 16 dogs were sent to participating humane societies in New Hampshire. ACS Lifesavers and ARF plan to conduct these transports every other month.

• Our second No Kill PR campaign, “Talk About It!,” was launched with a press conference on August 10th and an executive breakfast to promote it to the business community on August 31st. The purpose of the campaign is to promote responsible pet care, adoption, and spay/neuter (“Care. Adopt. Neuter.”). It features social media, traditional media, a website (, and a grass roots campaign. The grass roots campaign includes “Pet Fiestas” and Spay/Neuter clinics in various council districts.

• Pet Fiestas were held in Council Districts 2 and 3 in August and September.

• ACS Mobile and SpaySA Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital (MASH) spay/neuter clinics were held in Council Districts 2, 3, and 7 in August and September, including a “Spay/Neuter Week” hosted by Red McCombs Superior Hyundai. 278 free surgeries were provided to local residents by these clinics.

• Because of the success of these events, the Mayor sponsored a Pet Fiesta, Spay/Neuter Clinic, and Adoption Event at City Hall on October 30th. Councilman David Medina also held a similar event for Council District 5.


If you would like to get involved with our animal no kill efforts, please email Gavin Nichols, Program Officer–Community Initiatives or phone 210.242.4720.

…helping donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community

UTSA Today Story

UTSA, students, city leaders team up to curtail shelter animal problem

(Nov. 1, 2010)–Nine UTSA graduate students and more than 100 local high school students are joining forces to help the city of San Antonio reach its 2012 no-kill goal.

UTSA Today Story.

Hall-o-ween Pet Fest

Talk About It! Updates

In the clinics held as part of the Talk About It! grass roots campaign, a total of 255 surgeries have been performed to date.

152 surgeries were performed at Red McCombs Superior Hyundai the week of September 13th.

29 surgeries were performed at the Mission San Jose Pet Fair last Sunday.

Thank YOU to everyone involved at SpaySA and ACS; and a special thank you to the good folks who have block walked prior to the events to help educate and motivate local residents to get their pets neutered.

Ir you are interested in helping San Antonio become a No Kill city by 2012, please contact:

Gavin Nichols

San Antonio Area Foundation Program Officer

Phone: 210.242.4720

Mission San Jose Pet Fair

The second annual St. Francis Pet Fair at Mission San Jose Parish will be held on Sunday October 3.

Pet Fair

October 3, 2010

St. Francis of Assisi loved all of God’s creatures and his feast day, which is October 3rd, is traditionally used for blessing of animals. The public is invited to bring their pets to be blessed and have a great time learning about how to Care, Adopt, Neuter.

Last year, 300 people attended and had their animals blessed by the parish priests, saw dog exhibitions by D&D K9 Concepts and the River City Weight Pull Club, information tables by San Antonio Big Dawgs, the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, AAPAW, and Alamo City Bully Breeds United.

The San Antonio Big Dawgs led a dog walk with the parishioners and neighbors who brought their dogs with them.

The Animal Care Services (ACS) Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic was on-site and provided 21 free spay/neuter surgeries. They will be on-site again this year—appointments can be made by calling 210-207-6653.