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PSA Campaign Wags Chico’s Tail

You may be interested to know, the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Animal No Kill Initiative is funding a PR campaign for the No Kill effort called Talk About It!   Part of the campaign is the filming of a couple of public service announcements and the taping of some radio PSAs.

My colleague, Crystal, and I went by the film production location this morning.  A local film production company, Geomedia, is filming the PSAs today at a home near Hildebrand and San Pedro, and at the Animal Care Services clinic.  It was very interesting to see the professionals at work producing the PSA.  The PSA includes two actors, a grown man named Juan and his mother, named Lupe.  Lupe is the abuelita figure who sternly admonishes Juan to get his dog neutered.  Juan, like most men, does what his mother says!  The second PSA takes place at the spay/neuter clinic.

The story-behind-the-story is very interesting.  The dog that is used in the PSAs is rescued from the ACS shelter.  Mollie Walker and the dog trainer, Karen Pearce, walked the kennels at the shelter and selected the dog who plays Chico.  The dog is actually a female, long-haired Chiweenie named Zoe.  Mollie took Zoe as a foster so that she would be out of the shelter and be available for training.  An employee of Geomedia has now adopted Zoe (whom she has renamed Cookie, because her daughter’s name is Zoe). 

Chico wih Spokeswoman Maria Ferrier, PhD President of Texas A&M San Antonio

So, not only are we producing a PSA to encourage people in San Antonio to Care, Adopt, Neuter; we have even caused a Live Release from ACS!  How cool is that? 

I also want to acknowledge Geomedia as well.  They are an animal loving and pet friendly company (meaning people can bring their pets to work) and have given us a significant discount for their work because of their commitment to what we are doing.  I’ll point out that Geomedia is known as the best company for this type of work in San Antonio.

People may ask the question, “Why are we spending $15,000 on a PSA, when we could take that money and spay or neuter 300 animals?”  That’s a fair question.  My answer is this:  The PSA will be seen by over 100,000 people on English and Spanish stations.  If the PSA motivates just one half of one percent (0.5%) of those people to get their dog or cat neutered, then we have caused 500 neuters.  That is a good investment.  I actually hope that the PSA will stimulate many more than that, of course.  Additionally, the PSA will also be reusable for the future.  When we have the money available in our budget, or a donor comes forward to fund more air time, we will use this PSA.  I hope that Chico, Juan, and Lupe become household names in San Antonio!

Gavin Nichols, Program Officer–Community Initiatives

…helping donors reach their charitable goals for the greater benefit of th community
In 1986, Ms. Estelle Tuna, a long-time resident of San Antonio, created the Aid to Helpless Animals Trust, a field of interest fund with the Area Foundation.  When she established the trust, Ms. Tuna specified that the funds be used for prevention of cruelty to animals. Given the City’s critical need and plans to address it, and the Area Foundation’s commitment to carry forward Ms. Tuna’s desire to prevent cruelty to animals, we now partner with the City and invest resources in No Kill efforts underway in the community.
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